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4 Ways To Turn Your Temporary Position Into A Full-time Role

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For part-time workers, it seems complicated to obtain a full-time role in the competitive market of today’s generation. Several start-up companies, small-time businesses, organizations, and multinational enterprises offer contractual works and temporary job positions for individuals who can contribute to their immediate needs without a long-term commitment. Although there is no guarantee that these temporary employees — freelancers, contractual workers, and consultants — will land on a long-term position, it is not impossible if they know how to lay out their cards right.

Many companies consider the part-time hiring approach as an extended job interview for temporary employees to evaluate if they fit right for the position. The excellent news for contractual workers is 58% of employers will hire part-time, contract, and temporary workers for the next five years based on the recent survey of McKinsey Global Institute.

Listed below are some tips to consider to turn your temporary position into a full-time job:

Take Initiative

If you have some spare time and your workload decreases, you can volunteer to assist your employer or client on other duties. It is an excellent opportunity to exhibit the different skills that you have not utilized yet. Paul Potratz of Potratz Automotive Advertising said that temporary workers would not prove their worth on the company if they will sit and wait for their assignments and will merely complete the bare minimum of work the company required to them. It is essential to show that you can take responsibilities, and you are not intimidated to grow with the company.

Moreover, since most clients offer pieces of training to their employees, take advantage of these offers for you to learn, improve, and develop your skill set.

Learn the Skills

It is an essential tip to ensure that you deserve the promotion before shifting from a part-time job to a full-time commitment. According to Sam McIntire, the founder of Deskbright, an online platform tutorial which empowers employees, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, employees should not think of part-time roles as a temporary job. Instead, it is an avenue where you showcase your high-quality outputs on a low-level position. To succeed, invest in the skill set which your work requires and exert your full work effort on every task.

Keep your Mind Open

In the work industry, there are several career paths that you may not expect to choose. You may have your eyes focused on a particular full-time role, but you may also consider other long-term commitments which fit your skill set. Since there is a large-scale of opportunities in the industry, open your door of possibilities and develop your network outside your comfort zone. For instance, if you are a part-time employee in a copier New Jersey service company, you can opt-out an informational meeting with an employee from another department and stumble across an unexpected career path.

Communicate with your Employer

If your vision is transitioning from a part-time job to a permanent one, you should inform your employer that going full time is your long-term goal. Your clients and employers are not mind-readers; you need to acquaint them that your stance has changed, and you look forward to proving yourself capable as a full-time worker.

Melanie Holmes, the vice president of the ManpowerGroup, innovative workforce solutions, stated that if you are currently working on a specific company with a temporary position, it is the choicest way for you to land on a permanent job. The part-time work gives you an edge than external job applicants since you have the opportunity to work on the insides of the company. The volatility and uncertainty of today’s economy have contributed to the surge in the trend of temporary workers, according to Michael Kerr, president of Humor at Work.