Color Laser Multifunction Printers

Printers were used to print document or something but now printers contain many features that make it a multiuse machine. For instance the commercial printer available at home nowadays contain scanner too. Then what all will be there with a commercially available printer. Multi-color printers servers many functions other than just printing stuff. Man is entering into a world where he wants a quick and clear copy of anything and everything. New and innovative creations are making it more and more possible. The advent of new printers gives us a chance to get the best clarity images at the instant we want .Coming to our product, Color multifunctional, provides a best choice to everyone whether business people or a graphic artist. Basically the main purposes of these copiers are to duplicate (Xerox) or print documents or images. We present four different varieties:

Xerox –wc7228/7235/7245

It is one of the most reliable and fast copier and is known for its convenience. If a proper array of tools is chosen it can serve as the best faxing machine and you can get cutting edge features such as fax forwarding to your e-mail account. It thus makes a digital storage of even faxed data. In addition to it can provide an easy way to integrate faxed documents into your digital work flows. It has an exciting feature which can convert any hard copy into electronic files. It has an incredible print quality and 1200×1200 dpi resolution and 280gsm resolution for media files.

Xerox Dc 3535

It produces high quality print on demand. The image quality is such that your customers are eye-struck and can win your business.

You can work fast and is affordable. Its color quality can even convince a graphic artist with its 600x600x8bit color depth, professional finish and precise registration. This will be your final choice if it is the speed is what you are concerned about. One must see it to believe it, a blistering 35 pages at the end of one minute (BOTH MONOCHROME AND COLOURED).


This provides a thrashing 45 papers per minute for monochrome, and 35 for coloured. You can toner your documents and have 1200×1200 dpi resolution which is long lasting. If it is for speed and image sharpness you can’t better opt for this one.

Xerox Work centre 7435

Work centre 7425/7428/7435, It is a multifunction system which takes document presentation to an entirely new level. It can deliver high speed more reliability and better options to users. This amazing product makes our work look easy with its amazing specifications. It has a 1200×2400 dpi print and provides a high resolution output.  One of the main advantage of this toner is the particles are smaller and more symmetrical when compared to conventional ones.