Brother Multifunction Printers

The name of these printers gives the indication that they do much more than just your typical print job. Multifunction printers actually can do several jobs and are manufactured by various companies. If you only need to print a page here and there, this type of printer is probably not necessary. If, however, you have a home office, are a student, or simply bring your work home with you, these printers can increase your productivity immensely. Multifunction printers are an essential for many business offices and home based businesses. They replace several pieces of office equipment. This saves you time, money, and space.

The machines designed for office use will give your work the professional touch. These printers can offer not only color and black and white printing capabilities, but they can also print photos, be a fax machine, a telephone, a copier, and a scanner all in one. You can purchase one suitable for home or office use. Some offer wireless connection, which is very convenient. Office machines may be capable of printing around 20 pages per minute in black ink and around 14 pages per minute for color printing jobs. There is a wide variety of printing resolution capabilities. Look for a machine that can provide the quality output appropriate for your particular needs. You will find both inkjet and laser all-in-one machines.

The cost of these machines is surprisingly low considering all the equipment they can replace. For example, a high range HP Officejet Pro All-in-One, capable of producing high quality materials for high impact results, is available for around four hundred dollars. It will print on both sides of the paper at one time, offers printing from mobile devices, and will print up to 35 pages per minute in black and white. Compare that with HP’s more basic model, with the same multifunction features, at around ninety dollars. Of course, it does print slower, but if you need basic capabilities, it will perform nicely at a great price.

Before you make a purchase, it is advisable to do a little research and read reviews from current owners.