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HP DeskJet 3720: 4 Best Features Explained

Printers are one of the most important equipment in the office. It is the center of activity because it helps to copy, scan and print important documents that will be used by you and your clients. You do not have to spend a fortune to get a copier, you can always get one in the market that is a bang for your buck. 

The Deskjet 3720 is probably one of the cheapest printers in the market. It falls in the ultra-budget category of printers such as devices at the bottom-most right of the price ladder. The HP Deskjet 3720 is positioned by the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer as the world’s smallest all-in-one printer.  

HP Deskjet 3720 is not just there to make up the numbers. It is also a very capable device that meets the needs of a specific demographic of people. It is an inkjet all-in-one printer which means that it can copy, print and scan. The technology that was used behind this copier is HP Thermal Inkjet. Whether this device will be suited to your requirements or not depends on what your priorities are. 

What are HP Deskjet 3720’s best features? 

It is seen as the world’s smallest all-in-one printer. 

While there is no real way to know this claim, the fact that the company is making such a claim says a lot about how compact this device is. If it is not the smallest in the world, it definitely is one of the smallest in the world. The HP Deskjet 3720 is so compact that it only measures about 177mm in depth, 141mm in height and 403mm in width. This printer is also incredibly light. It only weighs about 2kg which makes it one of the lightest printers in the world. 

It  is also very aesthetically pleasing. 

The looks of the printer are not the typical dull grey or basic black ad white style. Instead, the printer sports a combination of white and vibrant blue. This means that you won’t have to hide it away in some forgotten corner of your home. If the first reason why you should consider this device is its compactness, the other reason is the price. It is one of the cheapest printers in the market. Whatever the price spectrum is, rest assured that this device is placed at the very beginning of it. 

Its price is very low in the market, but you can still get it for cheaper at certain reliable online stores. 

If you need a printer to perform basic office tasks such as printing, copying, and scanning, this is the perfect printer for you. For a cheap price, you would get all the benefits of the printer, including the connectivity. 

It has suitable connectivity options for those who want to use the printer for personal use. 

HP Deskjet 3720 can be connected either through a USB 2.0 port of you can connect them wirelessly. There is no Ethernet port but since it is not widely used, especially for personal printers, this Deskjet 3720 can still operate. Wireless connections are the best connections because they open up mobile printing capabilities for you. You can use any mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, and other devices. The printer is compatible with HP ePrint, supports Apple Air Print and it even allows for wireless direct printing. 
If you wish to get the HP Deskjet 3720 for your office or your home, you can contact the manufacturer or you can lease one. You can contact your local leasing company to check on the greatest deals or payment options. For example, if you need a copier in Rutherford, you can contact Rutherford (201) 241-3178. They can assist you with a copier lease in Rutherford, or copier rental in Rutherford.