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6 Tips for Leasing a Copier Machine

You finally opt to sign a copier lease. Great! New Jersey is one of the most populated cities in the US. The busy life and crowded streets make availing copier lease services practical. The benefits span from a cost-cutting perspective up to its efficiency as well. You weighed the benefits of leasing a copier machine over purchasing one. You want to get a copier lease, but you don’t know where to start. This is the article for you! Read more to find out tips for getting a copier lease in NJ:

1. Consider the Expected Printing Volume

Are you an educational institution like a school or a university? Are you a small business firm with heavy dependence on the copier? Or are you a large corporation with the need for a copier in one or two departments? Different institutions call for varying levels of printing volume. When availing of a copier lease, we should consider the number of pages you’ll be printing for a period. There are specific copiers designed for a particular printing volume. To help you with that, you should estimate your firm’s printing volume. Without it, you wouldn’t be maximizing the potential of the copier or worse. Align your estimated work to the copier’s spec as you avail copier leasing machine.

2. Larger Paper Size Compromise Printing Speed

The paper size of “A4” is becoming the standard paper size among printing companies. They build and design their copiers to default to the standard of A4 measure. As a result, some copiers run their printing process of 55 pages per minute, only if the paper size input is A4. It is nowhere near accustomed to output larger paper size that fast. You may want to reconsider aligning your paper size to the copier’s to enjoy its most potential speed. That, or expect a relatively slight decrease in the rate but of quality output in a different copier.

3.Some Copiers Support Digital Scan Feature

Cutting-edge technology helps to bring us into the digital era. Some copiers adapt a digital scan feature that allows them to scan and print digital files. These can scan files in formats of PDF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. This option is best recommended when you forecast most of your inputs in digital form. The possible con of adhering to this idea is the slight increase in the copier lease cost. You should also expect that printing digital files takes time to read the file. This creates a lag in the printing process the slightest way possible.

4. Fax still exists

Being ridiculous as it sounds, but fax technology still exists! The fax was a send-print technology from the past. Most of the time, there was a need for phones before you could fax. It’s the reason why it was fast left behind in search of a better way of printing. But faxing ensures a secure and safe way to send files. Medical industries within the US are still dependent on faxing. Some companies even use this obsolete feature, and it’s up to you whether to adopt it as well. For convenience, there are copier firms that still include fax in their copier leasing machine.

5. Different Brands, Different Specification

Printing and Copier brands have different specifications in their product machines. This is because they are catering to a specific target market population. Printing brands focus on the craft that made them well-known. Scrolling along these brands will help you find a copier that aligns with your needs.

6. Scan the Leasing Terms

The standard leasing terms last for 36 to 48 months, but it can change depending on the new terms set. Some lessors offer a more flexible payment over others. Some lease their state-of-the-art copiers. It depends on how they market themselves to clients.

The leasing terms discuss the provisions that both the lessor and lessee agreed. It is crucial to conduct a thorough scan of the documents before signing.

There are many factors to include when getting a copier lease. It would be best if you first considered where you would put the copier into fair use. Finding a copier lessor comes next, giving you the potential options to optimize your usage. A thorough scan of reviews of copiers could prove efficient to you.

In the end, it’s a matter of an efficient printing process that we are up to. Considering all these factors will guide you in finding a copier lease that would suit you.