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6 Tips for Maintaining Your Office Copier Machine

Having a copying machine is a good investment as it gives you the motivation to be more productive, makes the workflow easier and gets your job done faster. Your photocopying machine is a huge help for you and your business. But as time goes by, your machine would show some abnormalities. These abnormalities might have been caused by many factors that you and a trained technician can solve. Here are some tips that you can use to maintain your copier machine, and you won’t be surprised when it suddenly malfunctions while being used.


Prompts pop up whenever it senses that something might need your attention. You should always make sure that you check every prompt that shows up on your device as it can help you find what might need some attention and fix it right away if it is just simple things like toner replacement.


In using a copying machine, you must make sure that the ink or toner you are using is compatible with your device. If not, you might end up dissatisfied with the output of your copying machine. Your printouts might also end up ruined as the toner you are using does not match your device. You might also experience other complications that you might not be noticing for now, but it could still create a huge problem in the future.


Each copying machine has its designated paper that you can use for good printouts. If you use another kind of paper that does not match the recommended article, you might have trouble as your printout might end up ruined or not match your expectations. You might think that you can use any kind of paper to print your documents, but the final product is different for each type of paper.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your copying machine can be tiring, but it can help you prolong its life. Removing specks of dust on your device can help a lot with its functions as you have removed tiny particles that might have been causing your engine to not perform at its best. Cleaning your device can also help you find clips and other small things that might have dropped inside the machine that might end up causing trouble in the future.

6 Tips for Maintaining Your Office Copier Machine

Regular Maintenance Check-Up

Like a human who needs a check-up to make sure that they are healthy and fit, your copying machine also needs to be regularly checked to ensure that your machine is still ok and performing its job correctly. By having them regularly checked, you can quickly discover whatever problem your device is having. You can also find early on what might be massive trouble in the future and fix them even before the problem happens. A regular check can also give you the time to get to know your machine better. How it functions so, you can also solve simple problems from your copying machine without calling a technician every time your device seems to act unusually.

Paper Loading

In using your copying machine, you must never shove your papers in your printer as it might ruin your printer. It can also cause paper jams while you are printing your papers and a ruined printout.

The tips mentioned above are just some of the things that you can use to help prolong the life of your copying machine. Taking care of your copying machine can help reduce your waste expenses and save you a lot of money that you can use for other things that need to be spent. You also won’t have to worry about having to send your machine to be repaired a lot of time which might cause a jam in the workflow of your business and affect your production.

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